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For the first time ever the controversial and shocking film "Fandom" will be released on DVD by Cinequest, an emerging new distribution label.

Fandom explores the dangerously narrow boundary that separates "fans" from "stalkers," and chronicles the journey of one man bent on meeting the object of his obsession –no matter the cost. This groundbreaking documentary explores the value we as a society put on celebrity, and lays bare the sometimes strange and frightening world that is 'Fandom.' Called "a fascinating character study, perhaps as much about it's audience as it's subject," Fandom has won critical acclaim throughout the film festival world, and fascinated audiences with the funny, sad, frightening, and ultimately heartbreaking story of Gordon Coleman.

Originally planned as a commentary on the cult of celebrity worship that has sprung up around the actress Natalie Portman. This riveting documentary took a more interesting turn when one of its subjects came unglued. Faced with the prospect of meeting Natalie Portman, Gordon breaks down and begins to unravel, much to the delight of the film's producers and crew. The result is a portrait of a fan who can barely function -- despite having his wildest dreams come true.